Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Foodie Penpals Reveal

I'm having so much fun with Foodie Penpals! What a great way to brighten this Autumn. Deciding what to send, getting a "present"... It's as if it's our birthday every month, but even better because all gifts are great and filled with positive vibes. 

This month my Foodie Penpal was Lynsey [Thank you Thank you Thank you] - and her boyfriend. ;) When I opened the parcel - really! - I could hardly believe so many treats could fit in there!

I have 50% chances of opening it the right way. I always manage to open it from the bottom side. 
WHY? WHY ISN'T IT SOLD IN PORTUGAL? WHY? [The honeyish touch reminds me of Madeira's honey cake]

These have been my company for breakfast. With Keeley's quince jelly, for instance.
I have to find a similar brand here, because I've become quite addicted to them.

Wasabi bean mix
It reminded me of the first time I tried wasabi, not knowing how it would taste like. 2 glasses of water, if you're wondering.

Dark chocolate with chilli
No words needed.

Nick Nairn's All butter Shortbread Rounds
I want the pleasure of having him cooking for me every week. Too much? Ok, every month then.

Parma Violets
I'm madly in love with the fragrance, let alone the taste. I'd definitely buy them and take them with me everywhere if they sold them here. 

Had heard so much of it, but had never tasted it. Four words: THANK YOU, LYNSEY'S BOYFRIEND!


As last month, ideas started coming over what to do with the treats. I've used quite a few and will be using them over the next weeks, so expect some recipes with these ingredients later!

My feelings while I was taking this photo: "Is this real life?"


  1. Alex, I'm so glad you liked the parcel - your write up made me smile! x

    1. :))))))))))))))) And again: thank you so so so so much! :))))))))