Sunday, August 5, 2012

Raspberry Mousse

With such a luscious colour and great health benefits, raspberries are usually a great ingredient for a trendy surprise dessert when you invite your friends over. And after the usual "Is this strawberry?" it's always fun to see their impressed expressions when you say "oh, no!, this is a special raspberry mousse".

First you mash 150g of raspberries. Then beat 200ml of cream and add 100g of sugar. Soak 3 gelatin leaves in cold water. Heat the raspberries in a pan and add the soaked gelatin leaves, mixing until they dissolve completely. Take the mixture out of the heat and incorporate the cream.

Divide it in individual bowls and leave on the fridge for a couple of hours. When it is set, decorate with raspberries and mint leaves.

Your friends with love it!

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