Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Foodie Penpals Reveal

As I told Anne Cater the minute her absolutely amazing parcel arrived, I'm still lost for words. On top of it, it was hand-delivered by a handsome young man in a tie [I really haven't been paying attention to Portuguese mailmen lately].

Those with a weak heart, BEWARE!

As I opened the box, all I could look at was the warm hug. The whole parcel DID feel like one. Let's take a closer look:

Jakeman's Honey and Lemon Menthol Sweets. Loved these - I always have soothing sweets around.
Chocolate, yummy chocolate. The Freddo ones are really cute and one of Anne's childhood favourites, a detail I really enjoyed knowing about.

Some recent cooking addictions: Schwartz spices: Chicken Jalfrezi, Lamb Rogan Josh, Chinese 5 Spice.  Schwartz products are sold in many countries under different brands. In Portugal, it's not Schwartz, but Margão. However, I have tried to find these here, with no luck. Which means some of the spices we use the most in Portuguese cuisine might not be on sale in your country. I have to find out more about this.

This was really new to me: a seasoning for potato wedges. In a word: A-ma-zing!

The whole gang: coffee, tea and sugar. We have Nescafé in Portugal. You can also finding Twinings tea in some places, but mostly the classical flavours. The fairtrade certified sugar was a detail I really enjoyed.
Beautiful napkins. I loved how they helped set the mood for the whole parcel. :)

Del Monte's fruit puree. Anne is right: heavenly with Greek yogurt.
I thought this was SO cool. I've never seen soup sold like this. It felt like I had received some toy: anybody who came to my house got the repetitive "have you ever seen this? guess what it is!" :P
Plastic measuring spoons: mega cute and handy! It immediately reminded me of Phil's strainer.
Another thing I'd never heard of: the most ingenious straws EVER! If you sip milk through them, you'll get chocolaty milk. YUM!
2 fun recipe books. Inspiration. Inspiration. Inspiration.
A minute of silence to enjoy this mouth-watering moment, please.

Over the next posts I'll be showing you how I've been using these goodies (and mixing them with Portuguese and other penpals' goodies).

Check Miss Wheezy's post if you want to know what I sent her: I loved it!

If you want to make part of this great programme, join in! The Lean Green Bean organizes it for USA foodies. If you live in Europe, join Rock Salt's.

I've also received a lovely, lovely e-mail from Rachael, about the parcel I sent last month. It was really touching to feel it was enjoyed.


Como disse à Anne Cater no minuto em que chegou a encomenda absolutamente fantástica que me enviou, ainda estou sem palavras. Ainda por cima, foi entregue à mão por um jovem todo jeitoso de gravata [não tenho mesmo prestado atenção aos carteiros portugueses ultimamente].

Nos próximos posts vou mostrar-vos como tenho utilizado estas gulodices (e misturado com outras - portuguesas e enviadas por outros penpals).

Vejam o post da Miss Wheezy's se querem saber o que lhe enviei: eu adorei!

Se queres fazer parte deste programa, inscreve-te! Em The Lean Green Bean se estiveres nos EUA, em Rock Salt se estiveres na europa.

Também recebi um e-mail maravilhoso da Rachael, sobre a encomenda que enviei no mês passado. Foi mesmo tocante sentir que foi apreciado.


  1. Bom dia Alex,
    Parabéns pelos inúmeros presentes, sem dúvidas muitos, lindos e os comestíveis deliciosos, já estou curiosa para saber como os vai utilizar.
    Bom final de semana, beijo,

  2. Olá, Vânia. Tem sido um deleite, mesmo. Confesso que os bombons de Praliné (os azuis) não usei em receita nenhuma. Provei um para tentar pensar em como usar e... o outro teve de ir logo a seguir. Meu deus, tenho de descobri-los em Portugal.

    Bom fim de semana!

  3. Parabéns pelos presentes, quanta coisa boa..

    1. Obrigada, foram/são mais uma bela inspiração. :P beijinhos e bom fim de semana!

  4. Alex
    I'm so delighted that you enjoyed the parcel that I sent to you - a wonderful blog post too.
    Anne x

    1. Oh, Anne... One of the greatest things in the programme is the opportunity to share a bit of our world, through food. Thank you so much for letting me "in" a bit of yours. :)

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