Friday, August 10, 2012

Marie biscuit cake - Quick and Easy for a surprise visit

This is one of those cakes you cake do quickly whenever you have surprise visits and which you can have over a nice cup of tea or coffee. 
Besides, it's great for kids, too. Oh, they'll tell you how much they love it!

Simply blend the margarine with the sugar with the help of a fork. There are no recommended measurements here. You can add more of one or the other to taste. 

Then add an egg yolk [or 2, if you're doing a bigger cake]. 

Then prepare a cup of coffee and add some water to it in a bowl. I usually use Nespresso Ristretto, but any other will be fine. 

Then you can start layering: dip the Marie cookies in the coffee, and put them on a plate in a "flower shape" [a circle of 5 to 6 Marie cookies plus 1 in the middle]. 

Spread the margarine/sugar/yolk mixture over the cookies with the help of a fork. Then dip more cookies in the coffee and put them on the others. Then spread the margarine/sugar/yolk mixture. Then... oh, well, I think you can guess what you'll do by now.

I usually serve it with just the margarine/sugar/yolk on top. You can sprinkle with anything you or your visits like: fruit bits, shredded almonds, chocolate chips... The choice is yours. 


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